Monday, 11 January 2010

What's that coming over the hill? Fuck! Rogue Nerfs!

* The base damage bonus from Hunger for Blood has been reduced from 10% to 5%.

* The bonus damage rogues gain from attack power for poisons has been decreased. This applies to Instant Poison, Deadly Poison, and Wound Poison.

Wound coefficient is down from: "0.04*AP" to "0.036*AP"
Deadly from: "0.12*AP" to "0.108*AP"

The Mutilate spec nerf was expected, but was a hotfix really necessary? O.o Their reason for doing it this way was that to tweak HfB would purely affect Mutilate damage and not the other specs. This makes me wonder though; how long until Mutilate is a 0% damage gain so that the spec is "Balanced"? *grins* A 5% straight damage nerf.

The poison change obviously affects all Rogue specs. It's been estimated to be about 2% for Combat and slightly more for Mutilate. This will affect how Rogues scale with Attack Power (Damnit, my new theorycrafting!)but thankfully nothing major.

Overall, Mutilate and Combat will be a lot closer to eachother with Mutilate still pulling out slightly ahead. I'll post my thread containing my two weeks of theory devising (Theory-what? Errrmm... *closes eyes and points at something on page* That ones better!)

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