Sunday, 10 January 2010

Merkes Thoughts on Big Brother

I dwelled over this whilst flicking through the channels, coming to the one that inevitably had a bunch of people in their beds on webcam. I changed the channel again as I wasn't hot enough for porn, and came to Big Brother but with ugly, annoying fuckers. Turns out, Big Brother to the socialite is the same as Porn to... Well. Man.

It didn't take long to realise who they had in there this year... And I realised just how much a debt the world would owe me if I unleashed my plan. The plan that details 'Get Vinnie Jones the fuck out of there, then blow the place to kingdom-come; Basshunter can come too but only if the price is right.'

I think I would be Knighted, and paid a Manchester City Footballers Wages for the remainder of my days. I'd probably even get a world-wide day of holiday and celebration declared in my honour.

Always something to consider.

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