Thursday, 24 December 2009

Shout out to my raid tonight!

Just wanted to post that tonight was the first 'awesome' raid I've been in since I got back from retirement. The Kill List stands at:

~ A clear ICC:10.
~ A clear TotGC:10, with Tribute-To-Mad-Skills attained from 48 tries, inc. one-shot Anub. It was a real shame we didn't get Tribute to Insanity, because it was definately a possibility.
~ A clear Ony:10.
~ Algalon Down.

A very good night of raiding, and a very enjoyable one at that. That is how all EoL raids should be, a mix of fantastic progression, decent team-work and, above all, FUN. I hope we can rub off on the rest of the Guilds runs with that as it was very good, and I look forward to getting the other Ulduar HMs along with Tribute-to-Insanity.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Back online; baby

Figured I'd start again; I've had a large number of ideas navigating their way around my brain lately and I need an outlet. I'm thinking maybe a book of some sort where a man loses his mind due to a large number of ideas navigating their way around his brain and he lacks an outlet, hence, insanity insues. I feel it to be a realistic plot.

In any case, I won't spoil what I plan to write about, but I will say this. Snow/Ice in England sucks. Big-time. People get aggy and try to start something. The other day for example, some fella decided to try and tell me how to drive:

Random Guy: You should leave off the breaks a lot more when it's icy cause that's the main reason people skid! Allowing the car to roll is much better!

Merke: Yes. I can see how allowing the car to pick up a literally unstoppable speed when coming to a tight, covered-in-ice corner is the sensible thing to do. I'm suprised I didn't pick up on this myself!

Random Guy: Don't take the mick, I'm a professional driver.

Merke: Mate, you're acting like a professional cunt. Do one, you prick.

\o/ 1-0. Stupid mug.