Monday, 11 January 2010

Laz's Demotion

I seldom bring Guild Politics to my wonderful, amazing Blog. However there is always a time and a place. I like Laz, he makes me chuckle, he's a good Raider, etc. Some people are just blind to see when they are in the wrong.

The results from the Recent Raiding Survey posed a question "What do you like the most about the Guild" and one of THE main responses was the family feel and the great feeling of Team. Therefore, to allow people to work against this infrastructure of the guild will inevitably be detrimental and hazardess to its continuation of what it is. I agree 100% with the punishment dished out; were it a first offence perhaps not but then how many other ocassions should he have been limbo'd for and has walked away without any form of punishment.

He is not bigger than Echoes of Lordaeron, I am not bigger than Echoes, ultimately, Liesje is not bigger than Echoes of Lordaeron. The Guild is unique in what it is and it won't change. There are reasons myself and Airsha went to Numen, for example. There are reasons for the creation of Soulforge. The Guild will stand firm in its roots and if it has become something that does not live up to someones wants or needs, it is time for them to move on.

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