Friday, 6 August 2010

Conflict Update

Yo, how's it goin'?

As stated below, Conflict has formed and the raids have begun. It's been a hectic two-three weeks with a few start-up pains, but it all vastly outweighs the drama of Echoes. I've had more fun in Conflict than I have over the last 6 months outside. Dungeons, Raids, PvP, social, etc. It's just superior.

We're sitting at 10/12 in ICCHM right now, having got Prof last night. Sindi still eludes us, however. On the basis that 5 of our guys have never seen hardmodes beyond Gunship, I have to say I'm fairly impressed (despite the lol30%wtf) with the results so far.

Another growing pain is that people are getting their schedules for school/work in the next year; my own is just around the corner. We've already lost Thorki this way. A big blow to the Guild.

Recruitment is still open for:

1* HPala
1* Hunter
1* Mage

So, if you know any decent ones, send them our way.

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